About Us


Gaelle sings & plays occasional rhythm ukulele with Queens of the West. Buoyed by a Best Performer win at the National Busker’s festival in the early 90’s. 

Gaelle has gone on to sing in about 21 bands (no, she’s not 150 yrs old - several bands were concurrent!) including The Truggles, Carmen Verandah, Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, Laid Back ‘n’ Blue & Cathouse. 

She currently runs a community Blues plus orchestra for Newport Fiddle and Folk Club, she also sings regularly with the Gypsy Djangos (French & gypsy jazz), Indigo (eclectic blues), Mysterious Mose (Jug, hokum early jazz and blues) and of course Queens of the West. She has played locally, interstate and internationally, and is still poor!


Megan’s love of singing began ‘forever ago’ in musical theatre, followed by a stint of busking in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall (so she could to pay off her guitar). 

Skip forward a few light years, and more recently Megan has performed with various groups including; a’capella trio, Powder Room Secrets; five-piece vocal harmony group, Liquorice Allsorts; and the all-female, urban folk group, The Angelicats.

As a singer-songwriter Megan has written songs mostly for The Angelicats, including ‘Welcome to Spotswood’, which they recorded in 2021 for the soundtrack of a short film of the same name.

Now as one of four Queens of the West vocalists, and with a passion for harmonies, Megan is relishing exploring the jazz, swing and blues genres.


Steph has been a musician for 20 years. She is a performer, musical director, arranger and teacher of singing, ukulele and music theory. She is one third of gorgeous folk trio, Paisley & Plaid and is one of three lead singers in the Queens of the West.

Steph has directed many choirs. She currently directs Willin Wimmin and With One Voice – Altona Meadows but otherwise, the ukulele has become the big focus of her teaching.

Steph is an active member member of the Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association (AUTLA). Steph has both taught at and attended their wonderful training days, picking up and sharing fantastic tips and arrangements that have been tried and tested by Australia’s best ukulele teachers.


Laurie plays saxes in The Queens of the West, he also plays tenor sax in the Port Phillip Show Band and tenor and flute in a bossa-based quintet “The Paradiso Connection”. 

Laurie started playing in R&B bands with Rod “Beachhead” Jeffrey in the pubs around Sydney’s Balmain. They played gigs at The Three Weeds, and The London, and held residencies at The Cat & Fiddle and The Drydock .

The journey continued in a Blues Brothers tribute band in NSW’s Central West playing anywhere and everywhere, based in Orange and ranging from Gulgong to Eugowra and beyond. He has played in theatre pits, show bands, reviews, jazz festivals, and the Eugowra Bike and Truck Show on the main stage between the  strippers and an AC/DC cover band complete with bagpipes.

Laurie also plays with Paradiso Connection and The Port Phillip Show Band.


Nicholas is best known as a founding member of electro-folk band Dandelion wine, with whom he has spent the better part of the last twenty years criss-crossing Europe and Asia playing guitar, lute, dulcimer and bell cittern as they play everywhere from Tokyo underground clubs to German castles and Lithuanian Hillforts. He also laid waste some of Europe's finest cities as guitarist for cult French postpunk band Object and has guested with artists from such diverse fields as psychedelic folk, electronica and doom metal in both Australia and Europe. 

In Queens Of The West he relishes the simple life of playing one guitar into a clean tube amp without the shenanigans of electronics and unusual stringed things that surround him in his other projects (although sneaky dulcimer appearances can happen).


Clive has been playing bass ever since his friends bought him a bass guitar to stop him playing flute in their rock band 40 years ago

After a period of savage noise making in the 90s (Clowns Smiling Backwards, The Bird Dissolves, Todays Vegies, Atrophy) Clive took up double bass, and even bought himself a nice bass ukulele

Since then he has played in a number of acoustic bands (Superfluous Velvet, Indigo, Mysterious Mose, Barry Mangosteen) covering folk, jazz, soul & acoustic fruit salad music.

Playing at a wild range of venues such as inner city pubs, banjo & ukulele festivals, rude parties & a pig farm, he weaves darkly pretty bass lines into the gorgeous harmonies of Queens of the West.

Long may they rain down upon us.


Sala Kord is the latest addition the the Queens. Iran's loss was our gain when he made the huge move to Australia. Sala has made his mark in a variety of styles from prog and hard rock to subtle late night ballads backing singers with the deft use of his brushes.